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150 Ways to Wish Happy Birthday Bhai – Find your perfect birthday wishes

Are you looking for Happy Birthday Bhai Wishes, greeting, images, status and poem, If yes then you are on right place here you can Find your perfect birthday wishes for your brother (bhai).

Happy Birthday Bhai

Happy Birthday Bhai

Happy Birthday Bhai Wishes and Images

Happy Birthday Bhai Wishes in English

Happy Birthday Bhai Wishes in English

To my best friend, wonderful Birthday. Love, your brother.

This year I’m considering getting you a toupee, haha kidding bro, I love you so much! Happy Birthday old man!

I know this day is yours to celebrate, but when you were born, I gained not just a brother but a best friend. Best birthday bro! I may not say it out loud but thank you for always being there for me no matter what. Have a good one!

Happy Birthday Bhai Image

Happy Birthday Bhai Image

Happy Birthday Bhai Wishes in Hindi

शुभ दिन ये आये आपके जीवन में हज़ार बार;
और हम आपको जन्मदिन मुबारक कहते रहें हर बार।
जन्मदिन मुबारक ।


Life का हर Goal रहे आपका Clear,
तुम Success पाओ Without any Fear
हर पल जियो Without any Tear,
Enjoy your day my Dear,


खुद भी नाचेंगे ‍ तुमको ‍ भी नचायेंगे……..
बड़ी धुम धाम से
तुम्हारा बर्थड़े बनायेंगे …….
गिफ्ट मे मांगो अगर जान हमारी तो आपकी ‍ कसम हसँ कर कुरबाँ हो जायेगें…….
Haքքy WaLa Birthday


On these Beautiful Birthday,
भगवान करे आप Enjoyment से
भरपूर और Smile से अपना आज
का दिन Celebrate करो, और
बहुत सारी Surprises पाओ,,,


Happy Birthday Bhai Greeting in English

When you were baking in the oven, I wasn’t quite sure if I’d like you as a brother, turns out, I don’t! Because I love you not only as a brother, but also as my bestest friend. Best birthday goof ball!

You make me the proudest brother every time you do something that I just can’t believe someone related to me would do. I love you bro no matter what! Bros for life! Wonderful birthday!

I have always felt blessed to have been born with a bro like you. I love you bro! Happy Bday!

Happy Birthday Bhai Status in Hindi for Facebook and Whatsapp

सूरज अपनी रोशनी भर दे”
“जीवन में आपके,
“फूल अपनी ख़ुशबू भर दे”
“जीवन में आपके,
“आप रहो बस हमेशा ख़ुश”
“इतनी ख़ुशियाँ आयें”
“जीवन में आपके”
“Happy Birthday Bhai”


Birthday की बहार आयी हैं,
आप के लियें ख़ुशियों की
Best Wishes लायी हैं,
आप Smile करो हर दिन,
इसलिये God से हमने आपके
लिए दुआ माँगी हैं…
Happy Birthday


I hope you find my post interested and if you liked it do share it with your friends and relatives. I will doon post more Happy Birthday Bhai wishes.

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