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Ratchet Box (Ratschenkasten) Test – Build Quality or Quantity when Selecting?

A ratchet box is indispensable in everyday craftsmanship & represents an important point of our basic equipment. There are always any threaded screws which need to be loosened or tightened, which is why this range should not go out.

A good ratchet box certainly has its purchase price, but fulfills its intended purpose to a high degree. Surely even a ring spanner would do the same work – only these come in practical work in terms of comfort under no circumstances to a high-quality processed socket set, such. B. the brand Hazet approached. A little while ago, a ratchet box test was put through to test which Wrench range in terms of quality & features represents the best.

What is a ratchet box (Ratschenkasten)?

A ratchet box is a screwdriver range that is used in both the professional and hobby area. The box is an addition to the stick ratchet or other essays, such. B. Cardan joints.

The ratchet box is helpful in tightening and loosening various types & sizes of screws. The plug-ins themselves are also referred to as sockets. Most of the plug-in attachments are sold predominantly in assortment boxes with drives, such as ratchets or slip-on screwdrivers. That’s why the terms socket set & nut box are just as common.

Such a ratchet box usually consists of numerous units of various sizes. So the socket wrenches are usually needed for fine work. Other sizes can again be used for rough operations. They usually consist of chrome-vanadium steel. The alloy steel proves to be extremely tough and therefore also uses less rust, inasmuch as the percentage of chromium is high enough.

At the moment, a wide range of nutcases are available in a competitive range of special properties in the competitive market. Multi-point keys in the most common sizes are included in all manufacturers.

The myriad of brand names are barely different at this point, so nearly everyone provides a comprehensive foundation. The Mannesmann ratchet box even includes a fork wrench set.

A toolbox & a toolbox are not the same thing. Socket wrenches and wrenches are also integrated in the tool box or workshop trolley, but more emphasis is placed on general tools such as hammers, screwdrivers or flat-nose pliers. In a ratchet box, however, only sockets, ratchets, sometimes a set of wrenches, possibly some Allen keys and different ratchets are included.

What should the socket set cost?

Although the contents of the tools are similar to the usual socket sets, the purchase price varies between models. The purchase price is in extremely cheap variants at about 20 euros – more expensive sets are available for two hundred – 600 Euroletten to buy. These models are usually quite extensively equipped & are excellently suited for professionals and diverse applications.

Which ratchet box brand is by far the best for my plans?

Besides the branded ratchet boxes by Hazet, Proxxon & Gedore, there are also many low priced ranges to choose from. A ratchet box from Brüder Mannesmann can be found in the low price range and still contains countless individual parts. However, the nature of the creak box by Brüder Mannesmann is by no means comparable to that of the manufacturers Stahlwille or Stahlwille. In addition to the brand question, we will discuss the nature of your box case below.

When buying a ratchet box, there are also differences in housing, which in turn is a crucial building block in favor of the longevity of the set. You can keep the set eg. In a tool box or workshop car. The Hazet ratchet box 853 comes with a tin box and plastic lid.

A Proxxon ratchet box, however, u. a. offered as plastic box. A Würth ratchet box is usually made of sheet metal. When purchasing such a set, it is advisable to choose a sheet metal case, because in such a case your new tool is best secured.

Updated: October 26, 2018 — 4:14 PM

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