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MTV Dropout Episode Number 15 Written Updates

MTV Dropout 4 Nov 2017 Ep 15 full updates. In the last episode you have watched “The return of the Exs”. In today’s episode you will watch more fun, where contestant will make more drama. Watch video on voot. The show is is aimed at providing a platform to budding entrepreneurs in the country and mentor them on the platform.

Entertaining Facts about today’s episode.

  1. Which dropout is the object of his disappointment? Watch on Saturday at 8pm.
  2. Watch the semi-finale of today.
  3. Are the masters impressed by the dropouts this week? Find out on Saturday at 8pm.

Dropout Pvt. Ltd. turns the spotlight on a bunch of under-qualified underdogs, or shall we say the square pegs who just don’t fit in the round holes?! What happens when these so-called ‘rejects’ face the biggest real-world business challenges? Can their dreams survive the harshest reality check ever?

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